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A brief history of the shop ...

The shop goes back over 120 years, one of two shops at one time in the village. It features in photographs from 1898 and was then run as a bakery and Post Office by George Hanwell. The shop was then in the large white building adjacent to today's shop premises.
November 2012 onwards
In November 2022 Wilstone Community Shop celebrated its 10th anniversary. Much has happened in those ten years as you can see below. We are grateful for the support of the community and the amazing band of volunteers who work tirelessly for the shop in many ways. We are so pleased to still be here to service our community and we look forward to our future with great confidence.
October 2009 to October 2012
The shop was run on a not-for-profit basis by villagers Liz and Ron Faulkner with increasing support from a team of volunteers over the years. This approach served as a template when looking to see if the establishment of a Community Shop would be possible when Liz & Ron expressed their wish to hand over the reins in May 2012. A village meeting strongly supported efforts to establish a community shop and a number of villagers stepped forward to research what needed to be done and confirm its viability leading to Wilstone Community Shop opening its doors on the 1st November 2012.
June to October 2009
The shop was closed.
March to June 2009
The shop was run as a business by Tim Fitzgerald but was not successful and had to close.
September 2008 to March 2009
The shop was closed.
August 2003 to August 2008
The shop and Post Office were run by Jenni Corsby until withdrawal of the Post Office by Royal Mail resulted in the shop having to close after many years of trading because it became unprofitable as a business without it.
1991 to August 2003
The badly neglected buildings were put on the market to be sold ‘as seen’ and were subsequently purchased by Michael Armson for use by his well established antiques business. Whilst renovations were put in hand Michael became aware that people were missing their local grocery store and post office so, with the help of his partner Diane Halfpenny, he set up a six month trial to see if a business running alongside his antiques shop might be viable.

Diane went on to successfully run the Village Stores for not just six months but for eleven years! She finally handed the business over to Jenni Corsby in 2003.
The 1980's and 1990's
The shop was closed for an extended period and the building left to deteriorate.
The 1970's
Throughout the 1970s the Post Office lease was transferred every two years. In 1979 John Kesby took the shop on with his wife. Unfortunately the business failed and the Kesby’s left suddenly leaving the buildings abandoned.
The 1960's
The shop was bought by Fred & Elaine Scriven who lived there with Fred’s mother whilst they ran the shop and Post Office. It was during their ownership that the extension down the side of the building, where the current shop is located, was erected.
Historic photos of the Village Shop are available on the Photos Page

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